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Weekly update for Friday, May 18th 2018

This week marks the creation of this very site.

What is this?

You might ask. This is a small blog which goal is to create a line of communication more direct from nerds to nerds. In other words, this blog is where you’ll find:

  • Future release notes about our products such as our mobile application (available on iOS and Android), our web platform or other piece of software we create here at Datawallet 🚀.
  • Datawallet’s open-source plans and announcements
  • Random tech anecdotes
  • Emojis ✨
  • etc…

Who should read this?

We’ll try to write our articles for everybody. Meaning we’ll try to keep them understandable without advanced engineering knowledge. That being said, we will also release more nerdy pieces about bugs, infrastructure or any other interesting adventures we might have here.

What’s next?

Time will tell 🙊. We’re aiming to get one article a week out there. But before that, we’re having a surprise for everyone Sun., May 20th, so stay tuned for that.


Published 18 May 2018

Notes from the Datawallet tech team.
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