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Weekly update for Friday, May 25th 2018

A quiet but efficient week for the geeks at Datawallet while the business folks were in Korea…

Da works 🚀

Although this week was short here in Germany for our techies, progress was good. Most of our efforts went into making our pipeline ready to parse data uploads. Our manual data upload functionality offers an alternative to polling data via an API, giving even more control over what you share with us. We found that this is especially useful for getting value out of your data where companies that don’t expose any programmatic access. The feature is currently in the works for the web app and will soon be made available to everyone on!

As a sneak preview for attentive readers 🙊, we’re excited to announce we’re very advanced in the process of making DXT (or USD for our american friends out there) withdrawals from the app feasible! We’ll announce it officially as soon as it lands!

Team update 🤓

This week we’re very happy to announce Julien joined us as a full-stack developer!

But fear not, we are ✨still✨ looking for more teammates!

Published 25 May 2018

Notes from the Datawallet tech team.
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