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Weekly update for Friday, June 8th 2018

What we’ve been up to

Last week we forwent the standard tech team update for a deep dive into a memory leak we encountered.

Since then we’ve been hard at work preparing for our beta release. Most of our efforts have been focused on building out and improving our data sourcing pipeline, built on top of our new highly available architecture. It uses multiple stages structured by queues to allow for arbitrary processing steps including enrichment and, of course, encryption of both manually uploaded data and user data sourced via an API.

Additionally we’ve begun work on a new version of our data product marketplace. This marketplace will allow developers to build and share analyses on top of fully permissioned and anonymized data to show users how powerful and insightful their data can be. We’re focusing on a few key areas for these analyses:

  • Earn - a way for users of Datawallet to earn money from their data
  • Visualize - enabling users to see their trends and get insights into what their data says about them
  • Mobilize - an important piece in truly taking control of your data is not only being able to extract and store it, but also being able to use the resulting datawallet to charge new services.

The first wave of analyses available in our current alpha platform were built internally, however this data marketplace will massively expand our ecosystem by enabling distributed developers, organizations, and businesses to start building ethical data products.

Team update 🤓

This week we’ve continued to interview potential candidates, we had over 15 interviews and hired two new members, Marco (a full stack developer) and Robert (our new lead blockchain developer) - look out for their pictures on our team page soon.

We’re also ✨still✨ looking for more teammates!

Published 8 Jun 2018

Notes from the Datawallet tech team.
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