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Weekly update for Friday, June 29th 2018

What we’ve been up to

A quick update this week because we’re heads down doing heavy development work for our upcoming release.

Since our last update we’ve fully onboarded another developer as work for our new data marketplace is steaming ahead. We’ll be able to leak some sneak previews of this soon and will potentially be reaching out to some community members soon for initial testing of the release.

Additionally we’ve added some key pieces to our blockchain team that will be critical for our push for self-hosted datawallets that provides completely unmediated data access and control. This project is still early days and we have some hard problems (distributed data storage and granular permissioning to that data with access mediated by smart contracts) to solve but there is a clear path forward.

Team update 🤓

After making a few exceptional hires and growing our team nicely we’ve reached our goals for this phase of development. Look out for the new faces on our team page over the next two weeks.

Because of our expanding team we’re also looking for new office space in Berlin. We’ve found a few nice places and will be making a choice for one of those soon.

Although we’ve slowed down our hiring efforts we’re still interested in exceptional candidates so if you’d like to work with us please apply here!

Published 29 Jun 2018

Notes from the Datawallet tech team.
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